Kate's Art Gallery

You wont have to be an art enthusiast to become one, once you visit the winery you are one. Throughout the winery on the walls to the bathroom doors is Kate's personal art work. The winery is also her gallery. Her private studio is upstairs of the winery. An eclectic collection of her work is for all of her customers to enjoy.

Kathleen Flaherty Hall has worked as an artist for over the past twenty five years. A graduate from Carnegie Mellon with honors and awards, she received a Fulbright Fellowship in 1990 for her artwork to travel and paint throughout Ireland and Europe for a year. She exhibited her paintings and drawings, lectured, and was reviewed and featured on Irish newspapers and Radio. Painting as her passion, Kathleen has used a myriad of images, including portraiture, animals, landscapes, and architecture and now paintings of flowers. She is a member of the American Portrait Society and has been commissioned to paint fine oil portraits for offices, courtrooms and family spaces. Represented by Carol Rubenstein Associates in Philadelphia, Her work has been placed from commercial spaces to private homes and has shown internationally and in Museums across the country. Published in Architectural Digest, Kathleen's artwork is also used for TV, magazine adds, and has regular mention in newspapers. Her work has spread throughout the east coast in private and public collections, including Ambassadors Residence in Ireland, a New York collection and hospitals throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey.