About Us

Located in North Western Pa 7 miles from Scenic Cook Forest, R** Bandana winery is nestled on the 20 acre home estate of husband and wife Mike and Kate Hall. Surrounded by a rustic landscape.

R** Bandana winery is a product that celebrates the country recipes of the local harvest. A winery that specializes in regional country wines from homemade recipes, focusing on the local fruits, berries.

Why we named the Winery “R**Bandana”("Red Neck") With the origin of the mining industry in the Appalachian Mountains in 1883 to 1919, the coal companies controlled the miners economically, paying the workers only by scrip, tokens or credit. Miners were forced to purchase at the company store and rent the company housing plus leased the very tools they needed to mine the coal, all of which were provided at over inflated prices.

Miners were forbidden to leave or shop outside the mining camp! The conditions were so deplorable that the workers finally had an upraise starting in 1913 to 1921. Then in 1919 West Virginia, coal miners made a stand on Blair Mountain, where hundreds died fighting against their slave driven employers. They wore RED BANDANAS to identify themselves and earned them the nickname, ‘RED NECKS’. The term was considered an honor and at R** BANDANA Winery we are proud to be RED NECKS!

Private Bookings

Privately celebrate the holidays with R** Bandana Winery with friends, family or co-workers. A perfect place for your office party! The Holidays are upon us, and your family friends or place of business can celebrate them by renting the Red Bandana Winery privately Monday, Tuesday , Wed, Thursday and Sundays noon to 11 pm.

Book the back TOP or lower deck only seats up to 45 people on top deck - lower deck $150 (both can not be rented on Fridays or Saturdays) and case wine min – gratuity Deck weekdays

1. Wed thru Friday 11am-4 $75 plus purchase of case wine (plus gratuity)

2. Wed Thru Thursday 4-close - $75 plus purchase of case wine (plus gratuity)

3. Friday 4-close $150 plus case wine (plus gratuity)

4. Saturday’s noon – 4 for all showers /birthdays/meetings etc $150 plus case wine (plus gratuity)

5. Saturdays Any time after 4 $200 plus purchase of case wine (plus gratuity)

6. Sundays top deck $100 plus case wine (plus gratuity)

7. Sundays both decks and entire winery after 4 $500 entire facility and case wine

8. Book the back yard and supply own tents/tables /chairs it’s only $300 and purchase of case wine (plus gratuity) – all other rules apply.

Book entire facility available only on Monday – Tuesdays any times and Sundays after 4 pm.
$200 plus purchase of 2 case wine minimum (plus gratuity)

The following applies to all bookings:
*$5 additional charge for EACH Beer or other liquor brought in
*You may bring in pop, water and coffee
*You may bring in any food EXCEPT cheese, crackers, and pepperoni. If they want to serve that they must purchase from us.
*Please let us know of any special seating arrangements /tables needed etc
**R Bandana Entertainers can be hired for events based on availability – average price of an additional $200-600.
*** Deposit on rental fee ($100 within a week of booking.)

Farm House Rental

Rent the farm house for week only $500

$175 per night

Fully furnished – no air conditioning – bedding and towels provided, full kitchen, laundry